Contributions to the Documentation

You are welcome to correct any errors and contribute yourself to this documentation.

Correct Mistakes

The easiest way is to send in patches for existing pages. All documentation is created using restructured text which basically means that you have to edit some text files. You can get the existing source of any page by clicking on the ‘Edit on Github’ link on the left sidebar and adjust it to your liking.

Unfortunately you will not be able to see the results unless you rebuild the documentation using the Sphinx documentation generator but you are more than welcome to send in untested text fragments and we will do our best to format and include them. If you want to include screenshots, just attach them and mark the place where to include them in your text file using a restructured text directive or any other way that is understandable to an editor. We are happy about any bit of content.

Of course, proposals for new sections or documentation pages are also welcome as plain text, restructured text or any other format you are comfortable with.


If you feel confident about your changes, open a pull request on Github. Otherwise send in modified files by email.